How to Customize Your Own Adidas Track Suit

Adidas is one of the largest sporting apparel and equipment manufacturers in the world. The firm is known for its international support of soccer as well as track and field and basketball, among other sports. With a variety of offerings, from shoes to training gear and sportswear, there is a wealth of choices available from Adidas. Adidas allows you to customize its shoe selection online. Customizing apparel such as track suits and other wear requires more creativity after you have purchased the apparel.

Visit the Adidas shop online for the most comprehensive collection of men's and women's sporting apparel.

Shop for Adidas gear at your local sporting goods store, or clothing shop. Almost any type of fabric produced by the company can be customized.

Search online for one of the many companies that specialize in customizing Adidas apparel. You can have items customized with names, logos and numbers, for example. Such customizations are usually added to the warm-up jacket on the back of tracksuits or the front on the chest. It is also common to customize one or both legs of a track warm-up suit.

Visit an embroidery shop. Shops recommended by your local sporting goods dealer will have experience working with Adidas apparel and fabrics.

Contact Adidas directly about customization of specific apparel if your budget allows it. Email the company through its customer service contact, available on the Adidas company website. Send the company a request for a personal apparel customization.