Where to Sell a Used Wheelchair

Selling a used wheelchair may require calling around town to health-related establishments. Or you can hop online to auction and fixed-price websites that reach a larger audience. The available markets are varied and likely to help you find a suitable buyer.

Nearby Options

Find a medical equipment company. Many such companies deal with both used and new equipment. Companies such as Everx purchase used wheelchairs and resell to hospitals, physical therapy businesses, pharmacies and other medical facilities. Call the companies and ask whether they would be interested in buying your used wheelchair. If they are not interested, they may refer you to someone who may be.

Sell your used wheelchair at a pharmacy that provides equipment. Many pharmacies deal with patients needing durable medical equipment. The convenience factor may warrant a higher selling price. Find out if the pharmacy has consignment options available or requires an outright sale. If you sell it on consignment, know the pharmacy's consignment fee.

Post on local bulletin boards. Prepare an index card-sized notice describing your used wheelchair. Post this to bulletin boards found in senior centers, local community centers, libraries, restaurants, coffee shops and stores. Gain permission from the proper source prior to posting any notice.

Online Sites

Use an online auction. Sell your used wheelchair through eBay or other online sites. Decide if you want to auction your used wheelchair or list it at a set price. Include a realistic shipping cost. Mention a guarantee to increase your buyer's trust level. Include a picture to increase your selling potential.

Use Craigslist. List under "for sale” category. Sub-categories include “beauty/health,” “garage sale” and “general." People also look for used wheelchairs under “wanted.” Check this site for other used wheelchairs listed to get an idea about your asking price. Include a picture of your wheelchair.

List with specialized websites. According to used-wheelchairs-usa.com, listing your wheelchair with their online business can match you with a buyer. The website also offers information for properly describing your wheelchair and other ways to increase its marketability. Other online businesses to sell your used wheelchair are found at apparelyzed.com and thewheelchairsite.com.


Find local publications, newsletters and other print sources to place your classified ad. Some publications charge a fee, while others offer free classified ads. Your local newspaper usually has classifieds broken down per region available.

Retirement communities and rehabilitation centers have newsletters with classified ad sections. Many accept classified ads from nonresidents who live in the area.