Where Can I Buy an International Phone Card?

International phone calls can be costly when using your home phone or cellular phone service. Instead, many people opt to purchase a prepaid International phone card, which typically comes with a certain amount of minutes, in exchange for the price of the phone card. International phone cards are quite common, and can be found in a variety of locations.


Superstores like Walmart and Target sell International phone cards in the electronics area of their stores. Visit the cellular phone service kiosk, and check their prepaid phone card shelf, or ask a store associate for assistance. Prepaid International phone cards can also be purchased on Walmart's website, Walmart.com (see references). The websites offers four types of International phone cards, and shows in-store and online availability. If results show that your local store does not carry the phone card, Walmart offers a "site to store" option, allowing you to have the item shipped directly to your local store location.

Electronics Stores

Electronics stores like Best Buy also carry International phone cards. Check the cellular phone service area of the store, and these cards will be located with prepaid phone cards. International phone cards can also be purchased at BestBuy.com. The website offers two international prepaid options, as well as an international sim card, allowing you to talk to other cell phone customers in over 130 countries (no contract required).

Online Retailers

There are also a number of online retailers that sell International phone cards. Companies like PennyTalk sell global calling cards, with rates as low as $.01 per minute. These cards work with both cellular phones and and home phones, and also work when you're overseas, and calling to another country. NobelCom is another international phone card retailer, allowing you to purchase prepaid calling cards, get credits for referring new customers, and also a free 15-minute trial for new customers, to test the quality of their service.