How to Send Money to Military Overseas

When military service members are stationed or deployed overseas, packages from home are like treasures. Service members look forward to receiving notes from the ones they love and miss and appreciate the variety of gifts. They especially appreciate money for souvenirs and entertainment, as well as life expenses. If you're inclined to send money to military service members overseas, you should take special precautions against theft and be aware of a service member’s access to certain facilities.

Find the name of a service member or a unit, through an online service such as or through a church or other service group, if you don’t already know a service member overseas. You can also contact a military morale and relief organization such as the USO or Operation Homefront.

Purchase a gift card from a popular credit card company. Send the card in a larger box or envelope, such as the flat-rate options at the postal service. Note that a service member may be unable to cash a check, especially if she is deployed and is moving for missions or projects.

Send a gift card to a restaurant or store to which the service member may have access, such as an exchange. Many American restaurants have locations in bases overseas. Check with your service member first to be sure that he won’t be moving and that the location accepts gift cards.

Ask if she needs phone cards. Service members often need phone cards to use phones on base or on the ship at which they're stationed. Sometimes, you can purchase these cards for her. Alternatively, you might be able to call the company of her phone card and add more funds to her card. You will need the card number before calling.

Use a money wiring service only if you know that your service member has access to such a service for a certain period of time. If he's likely to move for any reason, choose to send the money to his APO or FPO address as it will be forwarded to wherever his unit goes.