How to Send Letters & Care Packages to Troops in Kuwait

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Receiving care packages from home while a soldier is deployed is a major boost to the quality of life for that person. Anything from magazines to candy to just some good brand-name laundry detergent will put a smile on a homesick military member's face. Troops stationed in Kuwait are facing lots of stress every day due to living among a society very different from the one they are used to; care packages are often their main link to their family, their friends, and their country.

Make up a care package by including a mix of "fun" and practical items. For example, send a box with candy and magazines, but also include things like batteries, lotions, and towels.

Ask someone you know who is stationed in Kuwait for their unit name and mailing address. You do not have to send mail to one individual in this case; you can simply address the letter or package to the whole unit at that address.

Visit the website "Any" This site allows you to select any of the Armed Forces branches to send care packages to. There are volunteers who have given the site their mailing address, and they will provide you with a list of what troops need in their area. These volunteers will deliver your packages to the troops once they arrive. Sending packages to Kuwait can be handled by finding a volunteer stationed there through the Any Soldier website.

Sign up with "U.S. Troop Care Package." You can either submit someone's name and address, or you can make donations to the organization. U.S. Troop Care Package will then create and mail care packages to different units using their donated goods. For a package delivered specifically to Kuwait, you can simply submit a unit to receive the donation instead of an individual soldier.