How to Check the Balance on a WIC Card in New Mexico

by Scarlett Carlson

In 2007, New Mexico replaced the previously used paper checks for Women, Infants & Children, or WIC, benefits with more efficient plastic cards. The WIC EBT cards resemble traditional credit and debit cards. The data for your WIC benefit package is preloaded into a chip within the card. WIC EBT cards allow for faster checkout times at the register and the ability to purchase food items at different times throughout the benefit period. A WIC EBT card is protected by a PIN that can only be used in accordance with that number. The PIN is required at all card terminals.

Purchase the allotted items in your WIC benefits food package. Obtain the receipt for your food order from the cashier and take note of the ending balance at the bottom of the receipt. The transaction receipt lists the remaining items you have available to purchase within your food package.

Visit your local WIC office with your WIC EBT card in hand to request the available balance in your WIC benefits package. You will receive information for the balance of the current benefit period, not for any past or future allotments.

Use an EBT card acceptor device, or CAD, to request a balance inquiry of your WIC benefits food package. The receipt will include the expiration or ending date you have to purchase your food items. A detailed list of the quantity and size of each available item appears on the balance inquiry receipt with your account number and general store information, as well as the date and time of the request.

Items you will need

  • New Mexico WIC EBT card
  • Store CAD

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