Technology Used in Day Care Centers

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As the world becomes increasingly technologically advanced, the daycare industry must also keep up the latest technologies. The technology now used in daycare centers enriches early learning experiences for young children. In addition, technology increases the efficiency of daily functions, helps keep kids safe and boosts client satisfaction.


Surveillance cameras are used in many daycare centers. This technology allows parents and daycare center administrators to login securely over the Internet and view children in the center. Children View and Skyway Security Digital Security Solutions are two companies that provide daycare surveillance systems and equipment. This technology enhances the safety of the children and gives parents peace of mind.


Computers now play an integral role in teaching young children in daycare centers. Educational software and online education games help children in daycare develop the skills necessary for kindergarten. For instance, Dr. Seuss Preschool Learning System software by TLC helps children with letter and sound recognition. School Zone's Preschool 2-Pack On-Track Software fosters the development of counting and classification. In addition, the use of computers in daycare centers allows children to explore the Internet and learn how to locate information.

Daycare Business Software

Daycare center managers use daycare business software to perform a wide of administrative duties. The software allows daycare centers to automate the most tedious functions. These functions include billing, payment processing and tracking attendance. The software can also send reminder notices, assist with staff management, compile data and create reports. EZ-CARE2, developed by SofterWare Inc., and JackRabbit Care, a Web-based childcare center management and accounts receivables software developed by Jackrabbit Technologies Inc., are examples of software that assists day are center leaders with business functions.

SMART Boards

Increasingly, daycare centers are implementing the use of a technology called SMART Board interactive whiteboards instead of traditional chalkboards. The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard which allows touch control of Microsoft Windows computer applications. Daycare center providers use SMART Boards for daily class procedures. In addition, children use this technology to play interactive learning games which enhance learning skills, such as math and reading.