How to Dispose of Army Uniforms

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Disposing of old or unwanted uniforms is a puzzling topic to some individuals. There is some disagreement to the correct method of donation, sale or disposal of the uniforms. However, you cannot go wrong with disposing of old uniforms by consulting with your unit’s supply officer. She can tell you approved methods for selling, donating and destroying the uniforms. This is the best way to ensure you stick with your unit's regulations regarding uniform disposal.


Check with your unit to make sure you can sell the uniforms. Some units allow the resale of uniforms, while others do not. You can check with your commanding officer to ensure it is allowed to sell uniforms. Whether or not you can sell the uniforms often depends on if they were issued to you or if you bought them. Bought uniforms can almost always be resold, while issued uniforms usually have to be donated or destroyed.

Wash and launder the uniforms. Set aside any uniforms that have large tears or are otherwise unwearable due to stains or other problems. Remove all labels, patches and name tags from the uniforms.

Take the uniforms to a store that buys used uniforms. Army Navy supply stores and many on-base stores will accept used uniforms.


Launder and remove any patches, name tags and other personal items from the uniforms as listed above. Set aside any unwearable or damaged uniforms.

Ask your supply officer for a list of locations that accept uniform donations. In many cases your unit or military base will accept the uniforms back if they are in good condition. Civil Air Patrol and ROTC or JROTC are also good organizations to donate used and unwanted uniforms.

Give the uniforms to the organization of your choice as long as it is on an approved donations list. You do not want to give the uniforms to random organizations because of the potential risk for military infiltration or terrorist attacks.


Take any of the uniforms that are unwearable or in poor condition. Consult with your superior officers about the proper disposal of destroyed uniforms. Most units burn or shred ruined uniforms.

Find out if you must return the uniforms to the unit for destruction, or if you can destroy them on your own.

Dispose of the uniforms according to your unit’s directions.