How to Buy Play-Doh in Bulk

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Play-Doh, manufactured by Hasbro, can be found gracing the classrooms of many day-care centers and elementary schools. If you are a teacher or parent wishing to purchase the product in bulk, there are several ways you can do so. Popular bulk sizes of the product are 10 packs, 24 packs, as well as the larger 6-lb. containers. If purchasing your Play-Doh online, you must have a valid credit card to complete your transaction.

Visit the Hasbro Toy Shop website. A link to the website has been provided in the "Resources" section of this article. You can purchase all of the bulk sizes from this site.

Visit a local membership warehouse, such as Sam's Club or Costco. These membership warehouses sell most items in bulk packages. You must purchase a membership, however, in order to purchase products from the warehouse.

Contact your local arts and crafts store to determine whether Play-Doh is sold in bulk. Be sure to ask whether the store sells the bulk "mini-sized" Play-Doh or the regular-sized Play-Doh. The mini-size products are about 1/4 the size of the regular sized product.

Visit a local department store, such as Walmart, Target, or Kmart. Target sells bulk packages of 10 or 24 colors.

Shop for bulk Play-Doh online from websites such as Amazon, ShopZilla, and ToysRUs.Com. You can purchase all of the bulk sizes from these sites.