How to Get Free Food and Grocery Assistance Online

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Need help with grocery bill? There is a free food and grocery programs, for more information go online to website and click on your state, If you need or know someone that need help in assistance getting food and grocery, you can find help by clicking on the Food Application Center. Get your STIMULUS PLAN today.

You would need to go online and apply, go to Food Application Center it is your online application center for free grocery card programs available in your state. Online registration usually takes 10-20 minutes. Click on your state or enter your zip code now to start your grocery card application.

It's very similar to the food stamp program and various free stuff and grocery coupon offers. Grocery cards carry a pre-determined value (anywhere from $20 to $500) which can be used in any local grocery stores or supermarkets. Shop Walmart, Kroger, Ralphs, etc to replace payment in cash.

Application for these free grocery cards is open to all U.S. citizens. 18 years of age and above. To apply for your free grocery card, select your state and view all available free grocery cards program available in your state.

Items you will need

  • computer
  • internet


  • Online application center for free food and grocery
  • Stimulus Plan

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