What Are the Different Types of Gold Chains?

gold chain image by enens from Fotolia.com

Gold, the precious metal that has been the benchmark that wealth is measured against throughout history, has been shaped into various forms of jewelry. One of the more popular forms is the gold chain. There are different types of gold chains that are wore as necklaces by those who like to decorate their bodies with this precious metal.

Gold Marine Chains

The marine gold chain is one type of gold chain that is worn as a necklace. The marine gold chain is characterized by a classic oval link that has a flat bar in the center. This type of gold chain can be worn by either men or women and comes in different gauge widths and lengths. One such variation of the marine gold chain is the concave flat marine link chain, a thinner chain for those who do not want to draw attention to their jewelry.

Gold Rope Chains

The gold rope chain is a type of gold chain, that as the name implies is fashioned in much the same way as a rope. The gold rope chain is constructed by the twisting together of different strands of gold into a chain. There are a variety of styles of gold rope chains, styles that include two tone chains, straight rope chain and twisted rope chains.

Gold Box Chains

Gold box chains are formed out of box-shaped links that range from 1 mm to 1.8 mm in width and typically range from 14 to 24 inches in length. Some people choose to add pendants to this type of gold chain.

Gold Herringbone Chains

Gold herringbone chains are necklaces that are formed out of thin strips of 10k or 14k gold that bends a little in the middle as the strips line-up to together to make a thick, strong chain. The gold herringbone chain lies flat on the wearer, since the thin strips of gold the chain is comprised of are a form of flat chain.