How to Make a Flower Scarf Fold

by Camela Bryan ; Updated September 28, 2017

Long, narrow silk scarves are excellent for the flower fold.

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Long, narrow scarves were very popular in the 80s. They were often worn tied around the neck like a choker. One of the more unusual folds was the flower or twisted rose. This is a good way to tie a scarf when you do not want trailing ends. A long, narrow silk scarf is best for tying into this fold, which can also be used to knot a scarf around your waist.

Knot the scarf around your neck or waist in a double knot, with both ends hanging down the same length.

Twist the trailing ends of the scarf until they twist together into a rose shape. Twist both ends in the same direction. As you twist the scarf, the ends will spiral around several times, forming a spiral shape that mimics the rings of petals on a rose.

Finish the fold by tucking the last inch of the ends behind the rose and pulling them through the outside ring of the twist from the back. Pull this last inch out to the side of the rose to form one or two little "leaves."


  • Twisting the scarf too tightly will make the rose look stiff. Try to form a loose rose.

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