How to Make a Concho Belt

Southwestern jewelry in silver and turquoise

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A concho belt can be the finishing touch to your look. The belt complements jeans and dresses and can be worn by both men and women. Traditionally, concho belts were worn by Native American Indians. The belt ornaments, also known as conchos, were hammered out of silver dollars and doubled as hair and clothing decoration. The modern-day concho belt is made from conchos with a silver finish. Instead of purchasing a concho belt, you can save money and make your own belt at home.

Purchase conchos with a screw-back closure from your local hobby and craft store. Look for metal conchos with a silver finish. Choose small conchos that don't surpass the width of the belt, if you plan on using belt loops. Use one type of concho for the entire belt, or choose a variety of conchos.

Find a plain, black or brown leather belt with a removable belt buckle. Remove the old belt buckle and replace it with a large, silver-finished buckle.

Place the belt horizontally on a table, with the outer part facing up.

Position conchos on the belt in the order you desire. Place the ornaments only on the part of the belt that doesn't have holes in it. Leave a similar amount of space between each concho, or place the conchos directly next to each other.

Mark the belt with dots to indicate where the conchos will be placed.

Punch holes in the belt in the areas you've marked. Use a leather punch to make the holes.

Center a concho over one of the holes you've made, so the front part of the screw closure inserts into the hole. Attach the back of the closure from behind the belt to secure the concho in its place.