How to Replace a Belt Buckle


There are two types of belts. The first type of belt, has a buckle that was not made to be removed and replaced. The second type of belt is made with special snaps that can be unsnapped so that an old buckle can be removed and a new buckle can be placed onto the belt. The latter type of belt is typically a higher quality belt that often has years of life left in it, making the replacement of the buckle an effective way to extend the life of a belt.

Place the belt face down on a work surface so that the underside of the belt buckle faces up.

Find the snaps of the belt that are located beyond the belt buckle.

Pull back firmly on the short tab of belt that is snapped beyond the buckle. You will have to pull hard to unsnap these parts but they are made to unsnap so that a buckle can be replaced.

Unfold the belt flap when the snaps come unsnapped. With the belt laying flat, remove the old buckle.

Place the new belt buckle face down in front of you with the metal loop facing the belt.

Place the end of the belt through the buckle's metal loop. Stop when you reach the point where the belt was folded around the old buckle.

Refold the belt back into its original fold and re-snap the snaps around the new buckle.