How to Use Dritz Overall Buckles

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Dritz overall buckles are primarily used to keep a person’s overalls from falling down. They act as suitable replacements for broken or lost bib overalls, and are handy for creative types who make their own such clothing. Dritz buckles are sold according to strap width, so you will need to know that measurement in order to get the right buckles.

Remove Old Buckles If Replacing

Find the thick, folded end of the overall straps. You should see stitches running through the thick, folded fabric.

Cut every other stitch in the thick, folded fabric at the ends of the straps. Unfold the ends. Use your fingertips to grab and pick out the loose threads.

Slide the old buckles off of the straps. The buckles should come off easily after the thick fabric has been unfolded.

Put Dritz Buckles on Overall Straps

Look at both sides of the buckles. One side will have a slight inward curve while the other bubbles slightly outward. The slight outward bubble is the front, or face, of the buckle. Place the buckle or buckles face down on the table, with the skinny end pointed away from you.

Place the overalls bib side up on the table with the straps pointed at the wide end of the buckles, making sure the straps are flat.

Tip the buckle by lifting up the skinny end. Slide the strap's end through the buckle's bottom flat gap, so the strap sticks out the front of the buckle.

Skip the second, or next, flat gap, and feed the strap through the buckle's top flat gap. Pull at least 4 inches of strap through the buckle.

Fold the strap down and feed it into the buckle's flat center gap, the one you skipped when you fed the strap through the first gaps. You might have to loosen the strap on the front of the buckle to complete this step.

Feed the strap around the buckle's bottom bar, so it rests between the strap's front and the buckle's bottom bar. Pull out at least 3 inches of strap so you have room to sew the strap ends.

Make a 1/2-inch fold in the strap end, then fold the end a second time so the strap ends are completely folded in. Sew across the fold, with the machine set to make a long, straight stitch.