How to Make Suspenders Longer

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Dressing in suspenders gives you a classic sense of fashion. Suspenders are composed of elastic bands that drape over your shoulders and connect to the top ridge of your pants. Extending the length of suspenders seems simple, but there is a catch. Suspenders may be shortened, but they are not designed to be lengthened, according to the Suspender Factory. Making suspenders longer requires gathering a few items and creating a fresh pair yourself.

Stand up straight. Ask an assistant to measure from the left side pants line on your front side, over your left shoulder and down to the backside pants line on your right. Cut two individual 5 1/4-inch wide pieces of colorful or patterned cotton fabric to the measured length.

Place one piece of fabric on a flat surface so the colorful side faces up. Adjust the fabric so one of the short ends faces you. Fold the left half of the fabric over the right half -- so the dull side is now exposed. Insert a needle and thread through the bottom right corners of the folded fabric, 1/4 inch from the edge. Sew upward until the folded piece is stitched together on the right side. Repeat for the second piece of fabric.

Turn each piece of fabric inside out, so the colorful side is now exposed and the stitches are hidden. The body of your suspenders is now complete. Cut off 4 inches of fabric from each end of your suspenders.

Insert one end of your first 2 1/2-by-3-inch elastic bands 1/2 inch into one end of the first suspender. Sew the 1/2-inch end of the elastic into the suspender. Fold 1/2 inch of the opposite end of the stitched elastic band around a suspender clip and stitch. Repeat with the three remaining elastic bands and clips.

Lay the two suspenders side-by-side on a table so one set of short ends are facing you. Cross the suspenders together 5 inches up from the short ends. Stitch the suspenders together at this point.