How to Tie a Male Sarong

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Sarongs have been worn by women and men since human beings first figured out how to weave cloth, and are still used as everything from swimsuit cover-ups to traditional formal wear. Among men, there is a movement--called “Unbifurcation”--to ban pants altogether in favor of kilts, sarongs and other traditional garb that does not isolate the legs. There are two basic male sarongs: the flat sarong and the tube sarong, and there are dozens of ways to tie male sarongs. The steps below will show you two basic ways to tie a male sarong, to get you started.

Flat Sarong

Hold the sarong behind you with the top edge a little above your waist. Stretch it out to either side so that there are no wrinkles or folds.

Hold the sarong fabric taut and cross your left hand in front of you and over to your right hip. Adjust the fabric so that the part in your left hand rests just past your right hip, and the rest is sticking out to the right.

Cross you right hand in front of your body, hooking your left index finger over the fabric to hold it in place. Bring your right hand to your right hipbone, and switch hands so that you are holding the short edge of the fabric in your right hand and the longer piece in your left. Cross the loose end of the fabric across your body to the left.

Let go of the short end and let the tension of the fabric over it hold it in place. Press your right hand against your belly just to the left of your belly button, and fold the fabric over it, back toward your right. Keep folding the fabric back and forth toward your belly button in smaller pleats, until you run out of fabric. You might have to practice a few times to get the hang of holding the fabric taut and pleating it, but don't give up.

Hold the top edge, including the ends–-the one in front and the one peeking out from above your left hip—and fold the sarong down a turn. Make sure it is lying flat against your body, and turn it down another fold. Make a third fold to keep it secure, and you should have a narrow sarong with a series of very handsome diminishing layered pleats in the front.

Tube Sarong

Step into the sarong and pull it up to 4 to 5 inches above your waist.

Pull the fabric straight out to the left, so that it fits snugly against your back and front.

Fold the fabric back on itself from left to right, keeping it taut.

Fold back toward the left if there is enough fabric. If not, just hold it taut and fold the top edge down about 2 inches. Fold it another 2 inches. Make a third fold for extra security, and you are done.