How to Tie a Loincloth or Breechcloth

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Strategically placed rectangular pieces of fabric, loincloths are an early form of men's clothing. Some types of loincloth or breechcloth consist of one piece of fabric measuring 10 inches by 10 to 12 feet that covers the genitals but leaves the buttocks partially exposed. This article of clothing was ideal for warm climates. Today, loincloths make great Halloween costumes.

Fold the fabric over your left arm with your arm bent and in front of your belly-button. The short end of the fabric should hang down to your knees.

Thread the longer end of the fabric between your legs. Keep supporting the shorter end with your left forearm. Try to keep the fabric as smooth as possible. Twisted fabric can be quite uncomfortable.

Take the fabric from behind your buttocks to the right side of your body. Circle the fabric around your waist twice, finishing at the back of your body.

Form a loop with the remaining material by folding it over itself.

Slide the loop under the part of the fabric that comes upwards from between your legs.

Pull on the loop to tighten the loincloth.