How to Make African Clothes Without Sewing for Children

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A continent as large and culturally varied as Africa produces many different kinds of fashion designs, colors and traditions. While there are traditional patterns and styles of dress, most of the unique elements of African clothing are found in the textiles that are used. From the dyeing methods to the fibers used, weaving techniques to textile prints, the color, texture -- these all contribute to African clothing. Although there are not many garments in the African tradition that are made without a sewing machine, simple wrap skirts can be created for children that do not require a needle and thread.

Cut a kanga -- a traditional cotton fabric square -- long enough to wrap around a child's waist twice.

Hold the two corners of the kanga behind the body so that one-third is on the left side and the rest is on the right.

Wrap the right side in front of the body and around the back again, leaving a fistful of the corner of the kanga on the left side sticking out from the wrap on the hip.

Bring the right side, now wrapped around the body, over to the left hip and tie a double knot with the left corner and the right corner of the kanga.