How to Poke a Hole in a Belt

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Belts have numerous holes to allow users to find the best fit for them. Sometimes an extra hole is needed to accomodate the weight loss or weight gain fluctuation that the body often goes through over a period of time. Instead of buying a longer or shorter new belt, why not add a new hole to your favorite belt? You save money and gain a sense of pride from being able to find a simple fix to a potentially frustrating problem.

Put the belt around your waist and determine the area on the belt where you need to add the hole. Mark this area by drawing a small dot that is parallel to the other belt holes.

Lay the belt flat on a piece of wood with the outside part of the belt facing up. Place the sharp point of the nail on the mark that you made on the belt and hold the nail up using your thumb and index fingers.

Gently hit the head of the nail with the hammer, hitting harder each time until the nail completely penetrates the belt. Remove the nail once the hole has been made.

Flip the belt over so that it's backside is facing up. Use a sharp knife to cut and even out any part of the belt material that sticks out due to the nail being driven through it.

Apply clear shoe polish to one side of a toothpick. Stick the toothpick into the hole and apply the shoe polish to the sides of the hole to seal it.