How to Trim a Belt

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Whether to throw out your favorite belt after losing weight can be a hard choice. If your belt is too long but you aren't ready to part with it, a great option is to trim the end off of the belt to make it a more appropriate length for wearing. Trimming your belt will make the belt more comfortable and more visually appealing.

Leather Belt

Put on the belt and tighten it to the comfortable length. Holding the excess length in your hand, mark where you would like to cut it. For best results, do not cut the belt any shorter than two belt loops longer than the comfortable length. This will give you room to wear the belt loosely, if desired.

Lay the leather belt on a work space. Cut the leather at the mark, using a pair of sewing shears.

Round the cut area with the scissors to remove any sharp corners from the end of the leather belt.

Cloth Belts

Put on the belt and tighten it to a comfortable position. Mark the belt two loopholes or about 3 inches longer than you need.

Trim off the excess at the marking, using sewing shears.

Set your sewing machine to a tight zigzag stitch setting. Sew the end of the fabric belt to prevent tearing or fraying.