How to Alter the Length of a Leather Coat

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Leather coats are the epitome of cool, fashionable outerwear. They come in a variety of looks and colors, can be ultra-modern or super retro, and never go out of style. Making sure your leather coat fits well is important to keeping it wearable. For a too-long leather coat, shortening it will make sure you look stylish and stay warm for years to come.

Put on your leather coats. Determine where you want the bottom of your leather coat to hit using a measuring tape. Most waist-length leather coats hit about 1 1/4 inch below the bottom of the belt line, but coats can be tailored to any length your desire.

Take off the coat. Mark the desired length using masking tape. Don't use traditional pins to mark the length in case you want to change the length later; pins will leave holes in the leather.

Remove any embellishments, such as studs and buttons, from the bottom of the leather coat before shortening the length.

Separate the inside lining from the leather using a seam ripper. Remove all seams that hold the bottom of the coat together.

Cut the leather coat along the masking tape marking. Cut slowly and carefully to ensure you don't make an uneven cut.

Try on the leather coat again. Make sure the length is right for you. Repeat the aforementioned steps if the coat still needs to be shorter. Remove the coat once you're pleased with the length.

Stitch the inside lining of the coat to the leather using a needle and thread or sewing machine. Use a whip stitch for the best results. Replace any of the coat's embellishments you removed.