How to Add Butter to Biscuits While Baking

Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images

Biscuits are more versatile than you may think. They are a great accompaniment with breakfast, and make for a filling dinner with sausage gravy. They are also an ideal size for making mini sandwiches for lunch. Once you have made your favorite biscuit dough, or have grabbed a can of premade biscuit dough from the refrigerator, add butter during the baking process for even more flavorful biscuits.

Step 1

Preheat the oven according to your recipe. Most recipes call for temperatures between 375 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

In a small bowl, melt the butter. Place the biscuits on a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat or parchment paper. Use a food-grade brush to coat the top of the biscuits with butter.

Step 3

Place the baking sheet in the oven and bake as directed. Most recipes require biscuits to be baked for between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on the size of the biscuits.

Step 4

Remove the biscuits from the oven about halfway through the baking process. Brush the top of the biscuits again with melted butter. Place the baking sheet back into the oven to finish baking.

Step 5

Remove the biscuits from the oven. Use the brush to coat the top of the biscuits with the remaining melted butter. Serve warm.