How to Troubleshoot an Omega Sewing Machine

needle image by Radu Razvan from

The Omega sewing machine is brand of sewing machines designed to help you make your own clothing. If the sewing machine is maintained in good condition, making and repairing your own clothes can be a fun hobby that also saves you money. Troubleshooting may differ from model to model, but there are some basic tips for troubleshooting an Omega, or other types of sewing machine.

Press the “Power” button on the Omega sewing machine if it suddenly stops when it is in use or the light is on hand wheel is turning easily by hand. This could indicate that the sewing machine has been in use for too long and the motor may have overheated. You can rectify this problem by letting it cool down for about 20 minutes.

Inspect the spool and replace it if the needle will not move. When the needle fails to move, this is an indication that the upper thread has run out. Lower the presser foot if it is up and move the bobbin winder shaft as far back left as it will go, as it may have been in the winding position.

Remove the needle and replace it with a new one if the sewing machine will not run. This may indicate that the needle has popped out of the hook and needs to be replaced.

Install a bobbin into the bobbin case if the bobbin thread breaks. It may have broken because it was not correctly inserted into the bobbin case or has been incorrectly threaded. Thread the bobbin case and make sure that each tread is even.

Inspect the needle if the stitches were irregular or didn’t form properly. It may be because the proper size needle was not used. If this is the case, use the needle size as instructed by the manual and rethread the machine. Tighten the upper thread tension and guide the fabric gently through the machine by slightly increasing pressure on the presser foot. Using the incorrect size needle may also cause the needle to break.