How to Fix a Fanny-Pack Webbing Clip

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Fanny packs have a storage area for your valuables that is mounted on an adjustable webbing strap that goes around your waist. The webbing is a heavy nylon material that is also used for securing tents to the ground with stakes. This type of storage compartment keeps items in close proximity while allowing both hands to be free. Fanny packs have one adjustable side with a buckle that increases or decreases the waistband as needed. This type of buckle is plastic and squeezes on both sides to release the clip from the buckle to remove the fanny pack. After many uses, one of the three plastic prongs on a side-release clip may break. You can replace the buckle yourself for a nominal fee.

Clip Side

Lay the fanny pack on a flat surface with the underside of the webbing belt facing up. Observe the threaded seam that goes through the clip and folds back on itself to attach the clip to the webbing belt. Use a seam ripper or a pair of small scissors to snip the threads on the clip side of the side-release buckle. The clip side of the buckle is the half where you press both sides in to release the buckle.

Hold the long end of the webbing with one hand and pull the clip in the opposite direction with the other hand to remove the webbing from the faulty clip.

Thread the loose end of the webbing through a new clip side of a side-release buckle from front to back. The front side of the clip portion is contoured and the back side is flat. Fold about a half-inch of the loose end over the rear of the long end of the web.

Thread an upholstery needle with heavy, waxed cotton thread and tie a knot in the end of the thread. Stitch through the loose end of the webbing starting at the underside and make small stitches across the junction of the webbing. End your stitches on the underside and tie a knot in the thread.

Buckle Side

Hold the fanny-pack buckle in one hand and push the loose end of the adjustable webbing through the buckle. If the buckle webbing is tight, insert a flat-head screwdriver between the two pieces of webbing and pry it upward. Pull the loose end of the webbing out of the buckle and slide the buckle off the webbing.

Insert the loose end of the webbing through the slot nearest the buckle area from underneath. The underneath side is the flat side of the buckle. Pull the web up to the top of the buckle and thread it from the top side down through the slot farthest from the buckle.

Put the fanny pack on and insert the clip into the buckle until you hear an audible snapping sound. Pull excess webbing through the buckle side to adjust the fanny pack to your waist.