How to Break in a Backpack

Purple backpack with school supplies on table of desk background

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A new backpack often goes hand and hand with a new adventure. Whether you're taking on work, school or a day of rock climbing, it's important that your backpack is well-fiitted in advance. The straps should be adjusted for your body, and the interior should be accustomed to the weight of the items that you'll need to carry around. Break in your backpack to maximize comfort on your next adventure.

Pull on the shoulder straps and attach them to fit your shoulders. The method of adjustment depends on the backpack's make, but the clasps are typically found at the bottom of the shoulder straps. Adjust the straps until they fall 1/2 inch beneath your armpits for a secure yet comfortable fit.

Place the items that you plan to carry around with you regularly in the backpack. Don't fill the bag with excess items, as this could cause the straps to tear and put strain on your shoulders and back.

Put the backpack on again and position the straps halfway between your shoulders and your neck. Carry it around with you as you go about your daily errands, using both straps to allow them to form to your shoulders. Fabrics like memory foam will make the pack become more comfortable with wear.

Undo the zippers and buckles and do them up again. Repeat five to 10 times gently to remove any stiffness and avoid difficulty opening the bag when in a pinch. Remove items from the bag if you encounter trouble when closing the zipper or clasps.