How to Punch a Hole for a Chain Wallet

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Chain wallets are worn similar to normal wallets, except they are attached to the pant via a chain or cord. Chain wallets are often associated with truckers or street youth who most often exhibit the fashion. Chain wallets protect from theft, as the chain secures the wallet to the person wearing it. Making your own chain wallet is a simple project that requires very little effort and just a few simple household objects.

Select a wallet for the project. A chain wallet is best made from a leather or polyester wallet, as they are least prone to rips and tears near the hole. Also, wallets with snaps are ideal for chain wallets, as they remain closed during retrieval from the pant. Choose an old wallet or your current wallet to convert to a chain wallet if you don't want to spend money on a new wallet.

Fold the wallet into a tri-fold or bi-fold. Chain wallets must be folded all the way prior to punching the hole so the drill penetrates the fold, creating a more secure hole that is less prone to tearing.

Place the wallet on a wood plank or board and position the drill bit directly over the top left corner of the wallet. Drill straight through the corner of the wallet, penetrating the fold. Make sure the drill does not penetrate the innermost layer of a tri-fold wallet, as the wallet will not open correctly once the keyring is in place.

Attach the keyring to the wallet, looping through both layers of the wallet while it's closed. Attach the chain to the keyring at one end. At the other end of the chain, attach a carabiner. The carabiner will allow easy clip-on and removal of the wallet from the pant.