How to Attach Patches to Leather Without Sewing


Hemera Technologies/ Images

Nothing adds to the look of a leather jacket like a couple of carefully chosen, decorative patches. Patches add an individual flair to a new or old jacket. However, sewing through leather (in addition to the heavy patch material) can be difficult. A good leather glue can attach any patch with a strong, long-lasting bond. Leather glues can be bought online or at most hobby stores.

Turn the patch over to expose the back.

Apply the glue according to manufacturer's instructions. Some adhesives must be applied only to one of the items being glued, others to both. Additionally, some glues must become "tacky" or partially dry before surfaces can be bonded.

Place the patch carefully on the desired part of the leather jacket. Be sure not to drip adhesive onto other parts of the leather. Make any minor adjustments--moving the patch to a different area of the jacket will leave a stain from the adhesive--and then press down on the patch.

Place a heavy, flat object onto the patch.

Leave the glue to dry with the heavy object in place for 48 hours.