How to Remove a Stamp on Leather

Stamps of gold or silver on leather items can be aesthetically pleasing, however it is not always the effect that you want. If you wish to remove the stamp from an item, such as a personalized purse or wallet, there are are a number of different approaches you can attempt to remove it. Removing the stamp does not mean that all evidence of it will be gone, such as imprints on the leather.

Rub the stamp with a pencil eraser. Abrading the stamp gently can remove it if the stamp is loose enough, as the stamp is not bonded chemically with the leather.

Put ice cubes into a watertight plastic bag. Press the cold bag to the stamp for four minutes. Use the flat end of a table knife to attempt to scrap off the stamp, which will have been loosened by the cooling. Take care that you do not dig deeply with the knife and scratch the leather.

Apply some electric tape over the top of the stamp on the leather. Push the tape down and then pull it up. In many cases the stamp will come off attached to the sticky side of the tape.

Scrape the stamp off with a wire brush. Be very careful doing this as it runs the risk of permanently scratching the leather. Use this technique as a last resort on items that are not valuable.