Can You Bake Wonton Wrappers Instead of Frying Them?

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Wonton wrappers are essentially ready-made pasta squares or circles made with flour, egg, water and, occasionally, salt. Despite their thinness, they are resilient and chewy when steamed or boiled and crispy when fried. Wonton wrappers stand up well to baking, also. You can stuff wonton wrappers with cheese and spinach or squash to make ravioli. Serve with bitter greens, such as turnip or mustard greens.

Wonton Wrappers Baking Ideas

You can bake wonton wrappers in a variety of ways -- stuffed or plain. These mini pasta sheets turn golden brown and crunchy when baked. They also tend to keep their shape, while soaking up lots of flavor. For example, baking wonton wrappers in the wells of a mini muffin pan produces wonton cups. You can stuff these with just about anything. Or dust raw wonton wrappers with Parmesan; bake the wrappers on a cookie sheet until golden brown to make wonton chips.