How to Store Opened Anchovies

by Elton Dunn ; Updated October 17, 2017

Soak anchovies in water for 30 minutes if they're too salty.

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Tiny anchovies pack a bold flavor and you only need a few for each dish. Store any you have left over after a meal, since there's no reason to throw these guys away. Their sharp taste gives a subtle flavor boost to salads, pizza and pasta dishes and sauces. Whether you've got whole, canned, oil-packed or filleted anchovies, they all need to be stored properly.

Place the anchovies in a sealable glass jar or plastic food storage container. Choose one that fits the anchovies well and doesn't leave a lot of extra room.

Pour olive oil over the fish to create a barrier between the air and your anchovies.

Seal the container tightly.

Place the anchovies in the refrigerator. They're safe to store for two to three months.


  • Whenever you use a few anchovies, remove them from the olive oil and place them on a plate, then push the rest of the fish back into the oil so they are covered. Seal the container and put it back in the fridge.

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