What Type of Shoes Should Be Worn for Snow?

by Courtney Clark ; Updated September 28, 2017

It is important to wear the right kind of boots in the winter.

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When going out in the snow, whether you're playing and making snowmen or just walking around, you need to wear the right kind of shoe. The right snow boots will keep your feet warm and dry, and keep you from slipping on the ice.


Do not wear cloth shoes, as the snow will seep through them and get your socks and feet wet. Wear shoes made out of leather of faux leather.


Wear a shoe that has good traction and a low, textured sole. Do not wear a high-heeled shoe. Your entire foot should be stable on the ground, so that you can maintain your balance under slippery conditions.


Although leather sneakers may be worn in light or moderate snow, if you will be walking or playing in deep snow, you will want to wear boots. Ideally, the boots should go several inches past your ankle.


Do not wear rain boots. Although rain boots will keep your feet dry, they will not keep them warm. Wear boots with some type of insulation, such as fleece, inside them to make sure your feet stay warm.


Wear boots with some type of straps or laces on them. Simple slip-on boots will come off easily, whereas shoes with straps or laces will be more secure.

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