How to Hide Diapers Under Pants

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Urinary incontinence and other health conditions such as prostate problems make it difficult to control your bowels, and you may need adult diapers. If you suffer from one of these health issues, you are likely self-conscious of others seeing your diapers. Learn more about how you can hide your diapers under your pants so you don't have to face any uncomfortable questions or awkward situations.

Choose pants that are 1 size larger than you usually wear. This way your pants wont bulge from being too tight with the diaper underneath.

Even if your diapers don't show when you are standing straight, they may peek out of your pants when you bend over. Wear a belt to keep your pants in the right place.

Wear your pants a little higher so that you are completely covered.

Choose shirts that are long and will keep your lower back covered when you bend over.

Purchase pants that are dark. If you happen to have a leak it is less likely that it will show through a dark pair of pants.

Select a tall rise pair of pants so that the diaper doesn't show if it becomes heavy and starts to sag.

Choose pleated front pants that will be a little looser.

Pin your diaper to the inside of you pants to secure it in place.