How to Tie a Ribbon Belt


Belts are an excellent accessory to any outfit. They can be used for fashion, or to hold up your pants. Not only do they look great, but they can also draw attention to your middle and make it appear more slim. If you are looking for a unique belt you may want to try a ribbon belt. These belts appear more extravagant and can be used for occasions that are more formal.

Decide whether you want the bow of the ribbon belt to be on the front, back, or side of your outfit. Little girls may wish their bow to be in the back of their dress while a teenager choose to tie their ribbon belt to the side of their pants. Adults may go for the traditional tie in the front.

Place the ribbon belt around your waist. If you have loops you will want to thread the belt through the loops.

Take the left end of the ribbon and cross it over the right end. Now bring it under the cross you just made and out and over the top. Pull tight.

Make a loop with each end of the ribbon. They will look like bunny ears.

Wrap one of the loops around the other one going under and out through the circle that is made at the bottom. Pull both loops tight. Your ribbon belt is now tied and you have a nice bow.