How to Attach Suspenders to Stockings

Fantasy black stockings with lateral cut image by Oleg from

Wearing suspenders or a garter belt with stockings was once a necessity for women. While it is no longer a necessity, many women still choose to wear them. Some do it to keep a pair of tights or stockings from falling down. Others may do it to avoid the constriction of pantyhose, or just because it feels sexy and sophisticated. Attaching stockings to suspenders (more commonly known in the U.S. as a garter belt) may be a bit tricky at first, but it is easy to learn.

Put on your garter belt and stockings. The fit of the garter belt should be tight and low, but comfortable. Putting on panties over the garter belt will make trips to the bathroom easier.

Attach the clasp of the garter to the stockings. The best place to attach it is about an inch from the top, making sure that you don’t go deeper than the clasp, causing material to bunch up. Suspenders that use a button-type clasp as opposed to a clamp-type clasp may not work well on thicker tights.

Repeat Step 2 with the other clasps on the garter belt. Most have four, but some have six.

Adjust the length of your garter belt so the stockings are held up at the desired level.