How to Accessorize a Casual Jumpsuit for a Night Out

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When it comes to putting together an easy, stylish outfit, a jumpsuit can definitely fit the bill. But if you're rocking a simple cotton or denim style, it can seem a little casual for an evening out. Instead of stashing your casual jumpsuit for that upcoming date or party, change up your accessories or give the jumpsuit a more tailored look with a few strategic additions. With just a bit of planning, you can create an outfit that's sexy enough for your next big night out.

Do Some Layering

When you want your casual jumpsuit to look evening ready, it helps to do a little layering. Think of the jumpsuit as a dress and pair it with a fitted blazer to give it a sexy, polished appearance. A jacket that features satin lapels or a striking fabric like velvet, lace or brocade is an ideal option. For an edgy nighttime ensemble, layer a leather blazer over your jumpsuit, or soften the look with a sparkly shawl or pashmina. You can also add dimension by unbuttoning a few buttons on a denim jumpsuit to flash a sequin tank top, satin bustier or lacy camisole.

Add Some Bling

Nothing can take your jumpsuit from day to night faster than the right jewelry. Instead of the simple pedant and stud earrings that you might wear with your jumpsuit during the day, opt for bold statement jewelry that helps give it a dressed-up look. A dramatic bib necklace that features faux gems or crystals is ideal for a simple jumpsuit with a high or deep V-neckline, or undo a few buttons to showcase a multi-strand necklace with crystals or colorful beads. You can pull your hair up and rock a pair of fabulous earrings, too -- rhinestone chandeliers that nearly reach your shoulders can help make your jumpsuit feel a little more special.

Belt It

A loose, flowy jumpsuit works well during the day, but it’s a little too casual for an evening out. To make it look a bit more flattering for a date or dinner party, add a belt to cinch your waist and help showcase your curves. Boldly colored or patterned belts are fun for a dressed-down evening look, but you may want to go a step further with an embellished style for added glam. Choose belts that feature rhinestones, beads or even a few sequins. If you prefer a minimalist style, opt for a metal belt in a gold, silver or bronze finish for a look that’s modern and dressed up at once.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The right pair of shoes can make your casual jumpsuit look date-night worthy. For a simple outfit, opt for pointy-toe pumps, which have a sexier vibe than traditional round-toe styles. If you really want to go glam, pick a pair of flirty peep-toe heels in an elegant fabric like satin or suede. Strappy stilettos that feature a metallic finish or rhinestone embellishments are also ideal for adding a wow factor to your jumpsuit look.