How to Dress Up for "Old Fashioned Day" at Church

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Whether their history dates back decades or centuries, some churches celebrate times gone by by hosting an “Old Fashioned Day." Think of the dress of the Puritans or gentleman farmers in the south when you decide how to dress up for this day at church. Men, women and children of yore held modesty in high regard, so keep this in mind when choosing your mode of dress for this special event.

Decide the era of which you plan to emulate the fashion. Typically, these kinds of celebrations include period dress from the 18th or 19th centuries. Create a period costume for each member of the family.

Design or purchase a woman’s cloth cap. The cloth for these caps in the past included linen, cotton and lace. In addition to the fashion aspect, these caps were practical in that they kept dirt and grime from getting into the hair, keeping hair cleaner for longer.

Place a prairie bonnet over the cap to complete the ensemble. Conversely, wear a straw hat over the cloth cap.

Search thrift stores for long skirts and petticoats for women and girls. Pair the skirts with pullover or button-up cotton blouses. Observe the conservatism of the time you are emulating and button the blouse up to the neck.

Obtain a pair of gray or tan breeches for men. You can use a pair of pants you have in the closet, given that in those times, unless he was very wealthy, a man would wear a simple pair of pants.

Pair the men’s breeches with a white shirt and suspenders. Finish the look with a wool hat, preferably with three sides, made of soft material that you can fold neatly beneath the arm.