List of Things You Wear on Your Head

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You can dress up your hair with various types of head accessories either as a style statement or for some other purpose. From bridal wear head pieces to hair bands for children, hair accessories add the finishing touch to your outfit and give a complete look.

Bridal Head Pieces

A veil is a traditional bridal head piece. It is the most popular and one of the oldest variety of head pieces available. It is made from a lacy type designer fabric. When worn by the brides, these generally drape over the bride’s face to hide it a little. A comb is another type of bridal head piece available in several designs. These are worn in order to protect the hair from falling loose and are generally attached to the veil to give a different look.

Hats and Helmets

Hats can be worn as a style statement or for protection against sun. Hats are also worn by women who visit the church to offer their prayers. Dressing with large hats is perfect formal attire for church gatherings. Construction workers wear hard hats to protect against head injury. Helmets are used to protect the head against injury during driving, bike-riding or engaging in various sports activities.


Hair clips and pins serve multiple purposes. These can be used for tucking the hair, also can be used to tie the hair together so that it does not fall loose. Hair clips are available in various shapes and designs and girls can pick their choice depending upon their outfit. Hair clips are available in shape of fruits, flowers and more to suit the different types of hair styles.


Head scarves serve multiple purposes and can add a graceful touch when worn around as a ponytail or as a bandanna. It can also be tied at the side of the face to give a girly look. Scarves can also be tied around as a turban so as to cover the entire head. This helps keep the hair neatly in place and prevents it from flowing along with the winds. Scarves can also be tied as a hat warp that can give a cool look during hot sunny days.