Baptism Gifts for Men

Getting baptized is a physical representation of a lifelong commitment to Christ. For some individuals, this might represent a stepping stone from a life of crime to a life of faith and reform, while for others, it testifies as a public commitment of faith and love for God. A baptized man's family might want to give a baptism gift as a cherished keepsake to show their support and approval of their loved one's belief choice.

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible should be any Christian's most cherished possession. Even if the baptized man already owns a Bible, giving him one as a baptism gift reminds him specifically of his commitment. If he does not already have one, the gift of a Bible will be even more precious.

There are several different versions to choose from, from traditional translations to paraphrased Bibles to study Bibles. Depending on the individual, a straight-forward New King James Version Bible might be just what they need to get started in their faith walk. For others, a daily study Bible will help them stay in the Word every day and grow in their faith.

Custom Faith Wristband

Depending on his age and character, he might appreciate a custom faith wristband. For fans of the ever-popular silicone wristband for sports and health, you can purchase a silicone "Live Jesus" wristband. For the edgier guy, pick out a leather wristband engraved with crosses and their initials. These come in several different styles and colors to match the character of the recipient.

Personalized Engraved Mirror

Close family members can choose a heartfelt saying, Bible verse, picture or any other sentimental keepsake to engrave on a colored wall hanging, frame or mirror. Couple this with a desk frame or wall hanger to help him decide where to put the baptism memoir. You can even include the date he got baptized as well as the names of loved ones who supported him in his baptism decision.

Spiritual Literature

Equip him with wholesome reading to help him develop his new lifestyle. Buy him a series of books by Christian authors such as Frank Peretti, Ted Dekker, Tim LaHaye, Max Lucado, Dr. Charles Stanely or Dr. Chuck Missler to give him suspenseful, clean entertainment or individual faith topics to answer tough questions about Christianity and develop a lifestyle of spiritual growth.

Engraved Titanium Rings

Young and middle-aged men will enjoy the gift of titanium rings with engraved crosses or other spiritual emblems on them. Some of these are accompanied with sayings, such as "True Love Waits" or "Strong and Courageous." Sometimes these rings can represent purity until marriage, which makes this gift twofold in purpose for an unmarried recipient. Other times, it can represent a commitment to Christ for life, which is what makes it a poignant gift for a baptism.