Ideas for Prom Programs

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A prom program should match the theme of the prom and provide essential information about the event--such as the names of the hosts, the entertainment and the prom court. Try to think outside of the box when choosing a prom program. Programs can be printed on a variety of papers in different sizes, and also on unconventional objects. Also, consider your budget. A prom program is an accessory, and the cost should be minimized to make room for other, more important prom expenses.

Journal Program

Select a program that looks like a booklet and has multiple pages. Sometimes this is called a "journal program." You can customize the program to fit your prom's color scheme and theme. Also, journal programs come in a variety of sizes.

Fan Program

Have your program printed on a fan if you have a Mardi Gras or Asian theme for your prom. Fan programs also work nicely for outdoor proms or summer/beach themes.

Miniature Program

Miniature programs are similar to small booklets that can slip easily into the fold of a napkin, into the palm of your hand or into your pocket. You will have less room to print information in the program, but the look is whimsical and unique.

Comic Book Program

For comic book-inspired proms or events displaying Hollywood animation, consider a program that is designed to look like a comic book. This might be a project that your high school's art department could take on, designing an illustrated, commemorative comic book that lists the essential information about the prom.

Menu Program

For a globally-inspired prom or a prom centered around a '50s-era soda shop, consider offering guests a program that looks like a menu. This also works for a prom with an Italian restaurant theme or a Lady and the Tramp-inspired prom.