How to Word a Babysitting Flyer

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Babysitting can give teenagers a way to learn responsibility and earn money at the same time. Seasonal school breaks and summer vacation are ideal times for teens to get babysitting jobs. Finding parents who need a sitter can be a daunting task for teens, and it is equally difficult for parents to find reliable people to care for their children. Babysitters can market their services to parents with an attractive, attention-getting flyer. Whether computer generated or hand lettered, babysitting flyers let parents know how to find a babysitter.

How to Word a Babysitting Flyer

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Make a mental list of the pertinent information you want to include on your flyer, such as your first name, your age, an email address or phone number, experience, certifications (Red Cross Babysitting Class, CPR), your rates and perhaps days and times you are available. Also consider mentioning that you can provide references upon request.

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Phrase your information clearly and briefly. For example, "Experienced babysitter" is a short and concise heading. "I am a very experienced babysitter and mature for my age" is too long and rambling. Succinct wording is best. After the heading, list your information:

Name: Mary

Age: 14


Fee: $8 per hour

References: Available upon request

Experience: Have been babysitting for several families for over a year

Certifications: Red Cross Babysitting Course, May 2011 Images

Select an easily readable font such as Garamond or Palatino. Include the word "Babysitter" in a larger font. Select no more than two easily read fonts for the flyer. Likewise, if you are making your flyers by hand, print clearly and neatly.

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Choose two or three font colors (or marker/crayon colors). Leave some white space -- blank areas of the page. One small to medium image surrounded by white space draws the reader to the image and the accompanying text.

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Select or draw graphics and borders if you like. Catch readers' eyes without distracting them by using only one or two interesting graphics. Choose images appropriate for your intended readers. Images of children, toys and playgrounds are good examples while pictures of tools, pop stars or race cars are not.

Experiment with different layouts. Design a few different flyers, and ask friends and family which layout grabs their attention. If possible, delay choosing the final design for several hours or until the next day, when you can be more objective about your work. Select the best flyer design to print or copy and distribute.