What to Say to Show Your Boyfriend That He Is Special to You

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You don't have to be the most eloquent person in the world to convey to your boyfriend how special he is to you. If you find yourself getting tongue-tied when you try to talk about your feelings, relax. Just be yourself. Whatever you say to your boyfriend, he'll love hearing that you care.

"I Love You"

Nothing shows someone how special they are more than those three little words, "I love you." It's important to tell the people you care about that you love them, says Rabbi Shmuley in the article "Saying 'I Love You'" on Oprah.com. The more you vocalize your feelings of love, the more you will feel love, Shmuley reveals. Your declaration of love will make both you and your boyfriend feel special.

Alternative Romantic Sayings

Perhaps you don't want to use the words "I love you." You have plenty of alternative phrases at your disposal to tell your boyfriend how special he is. In the article "25 Romantic Ways To Say 'I Love You'" for YourTango, Carrie Gordon reveals a list of romantic sayings her husband JIm has used over the years to tell her how special she is. The key is to use a phrase that feels natural to you. Don't say something you that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may want to say, "You take my breath away," "You are the world's best boyfriend," "You are the love of my life," or "My life would be incomplete without you."

Inspiration from Your Favorite Movie

If you and your boyfriend have a favorite romantic movie, it might be fun to take a line from it to tell your boyfriend how special he is. Be the stars of your own love story. For example, you could say "You had me at 'hello'," from "Jerry Maguire" or "I want all of you, forever, everyday" from "The Notebook."

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

To show your boyfriend just how special he is, back up your words with loving actions. Tell him you love him and want to give him a special treat. Cook him his favorite meal or give him a relaxing massage. Be affectionate and tactile: grab him for a hug, snuggle up to him on the sofa and run your fingers through his hair. Be considerate to your boyfriend on a daily basis through small gestures, and he will know how special he is to you without you having to say a word, says psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith in the article "10 Ways to Say I Love You Without Saying I Love You" for Psychology Today. Compliment his cooking or his achievements at work. Say "please" and "thank you." Slip a love letter into his pocket for him to find later that day.