How to Know if He Loves You

Romantic couple lying together on bed


The Unspoken Ways Men Show Love

Whether you’re in a relationship or are part of the dating scene, wondering about those three little words can make even a seasoned vet anxious. But although he may not have said it, there are a few telltale signs that a guy is falling for you. Before you and your friends launch into a full-scale analysis or you take a “Does He Love Me?” quiz, think about the everyday actions that show your man loves you.

Making Time

A man who loves his partner not only wants to spend time with her, he makes time for her. If all his invitations are last-minute texts to see if you’re free, you might not be a priority. If the two of you are making plans in advance, this is a guy who wants to see you. Bonus points if he sacrifices other things, like a Sunday afternoon of football or drinks after work, so he can spend time with you.

Interest and Investment

A casual fling might not lead to a man truly investing in you. If it’s love, he shows a genuine interest in getting to know all about you. He wants to know how that meeting at work was today, if your mom is feeling better and if the kids had fun at swimming lessons. A man in love also wants to chat about your past. What were you like as a kid? Did you go to prom? What was your first job? And if he introduces you to his family and friends, this is a guy who’s investing in you and your relationship.

Help is on the Way

When a man loves you, your happiness is tied to his own. He shows his love for you by being helpful. He may ask you if you need anything when he’s at the grocery store, bring over soup and cough syrup when you’re sick or offer to fix that cupboard door that’s always sticking. He hasn’t said the words, but his actions demonstrate that he genuinely cares for you and is looking for ways to make your day easier and your life better.

Just the Way You Are

A man in love isn’t oblivious to your flaws. On the contrary, he recognizes your shortcomings and loves you for the person you truly are. He appreciates what he sees on the outside but also loves your inner qualities, like your intelligence, compassion and drive. A misunderstanding or a difference in opinion doesn’t send him packing. He respects and values you too much for that.

Hearing “I love you” can make your heart sing. But if you haven’t heard those magical words, keep in mind that they’re not always the easiest to say. A man may feel more confident showing that he loves you, versus putting himself in the vulnerable position of saying those words first. Be on the lookout so you can appreciate the many signs a man in love sends your way.