What is a Facial Tanning Bed?

Each year we flock to the beaches in hopes of gaining the perfect summer tan. Tanning is one of the hottest trends in making ourselves look beautiful and healthy. For those of us that don't have time to soak up the suns rays, we've resorted to using indoor tanning beds. Tanning salons offer tanning beds to create the perfect summer glow without laying outside for hours. They are convenient, don't take much time, and are easy to use. It is important that if you want to capture and all over glow, that includes your face, you will use a bed with facial tanners.


Indoor tanning beds offer 180 degree body coverage by ultraviolet light to tan your body. Some tanning beds also offer facial lamps that are built in to the tanning bed. These lamps are designed to use reflectors to give your face optimal exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the tanning bed. These lamps can be turned on or off. If you prefer not to have your face tanned during your session, a button or switch can be selected to turn these lamps off. Facial lamps give an optimal facial tan due to their design, unlike ordinary tanning beds that do not have facial lamps.


By using facial lamps to tan, your face is exposed to ultraviolet rays. If you are afraid that these rays will be too intense, you can either turn off the facial lamp, or apply a moisturizer or sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) to avoid burning.


If you try using the facial tanning unit and your face doesn't appear to have any tan, check the contents of the makeup you apply to your face. Several foundations, powder, mineral foundations or even daily moisturizers contain SPF ingredients. These ingredients protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, and may be prohibiting your skin's ability to tan.

Time Frame

Facial tanning lamps do not have to be used for the full duration of your tanning session. If you would like to use this unit for the first half of your tanning session, simply turn off the unit when you reach the halfway mark through your session. Most tanning beds display the amount of time you have remaining on your session. Use this as a gauge to decide when to turn off the facial lamps.

Tanning Lotions

When using facial tanning lamps it is not recommended to use tanning lotions that will enhance the look of your tan to your face, unless the formulas have been created specifically for your face. If used improperly, your face may develop burns, or an uneven tan.