How to Get Tanned Legs in a Day

if you don't have time to lie out in the sun or go to a tanning salon but still want that golden tan on your legs, try these easy ways of getting that tan in no time at all.

Try over the counter lotions and sprays. There are many different instant tanning products on the market. You can achieve a tan in just a few hours by using an instant tanning product. Some even come with tint that can show you exactly where your tan is forming. Make sure you exfoliate first, getting all the dead skin off of your legs so that you tanning product won’t smear or streak. Make sure your legs are shaved and the skin isn’t too dry, which enables you to apply it earlier n the day.

Apply your lotion or spray according to the directions on your product. Start at your ankles and move up your legs with the product, being careful not to get too much of the product in one place. If you are using a spray -on instant tanner, use a sweeping motion and be sure to not stay in one place for a long period of time, such as the backs of your knees or ankles. These areas tend to darken quickly and it can lead to uneven marks if you’re not careful. Check your tan in a couple of hours or on how long your product says it will take to darken. Apply more tanning product if needed until you achieve the golden glow you’re looking for.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for you can call a tanning salon and inquire about getting a professional spray-on tan. These temporary tans usually last a week or so and aren’t that expensive, especially if you are needing something immediate and are too scared you might make a mistake to do it yourself. Inquire about the length of drying time and the time it takes for the tan to emerge. Most are pretty instantaneous, but some may take 30 minutes or more to show up.