How to Tan Legs Faster

Steve Mason/Photodisc/Getty Images

Turn white legs into long gorgeous gems simply by faking a natural tan. Self-tanner is an excellent way to tan legs quickly and efficiently with a minimal amount of time. There are two different ways to achieve the look of tanned legs – applying self-tanner yourself or spray tanning, which is applied by a professional. Either way you choose to tan, if the application is done correctly, you will achieve a sun-kissed glow to both legs that will look completely natural.

Determine what your timeframe is for tanning your legs. Choosing to have a spray tan done on your legs will require an appointment, and up to 12 hours for your tan to show once it has been applied. Self-tanner can be applied at your leisure and, depending on the brand you choose, will show up immediately or up to eight hours later.

Choose the self-tanner application for the quickest route and head to your local drug store to purchase the tanner of your choosing. If your legs are extremely white and have not seen the sun in several months, you will want to pick a tanner with a light to medium darkness. Avoid choosing a darker shade for really white legs simply because you have a higher risk of looking orange and streaky.

Take a quick shower before applying the tanner to your legs. Smooth an exfoliate over the leg to remove any dead skin cells. The tanner will absorb better into legs that have been exfoliated then legs that have not. Avoid shaving 12 hours prior to applying self tanner because the tanner may irritate the skin follicles.

Rub lotion on your feet, ankles, knees and behind the knees to prevent tanner build-up. These areas will absorb the tanner at a different speed than the rest of your leg, which will result in a darker appearance for these four areas.

Apply the self-tanner to your legs and rub it in completely. Most tanners will be tinted or contain a shimmer to reveal where they have been applied on your body. Ensure that you covered the entire leg with the same amount of coverage. When applying the tanner to your knee and foot areas, try to avoid rubbing it in the way you would the rest of your leg. You want a thin coating on those areas.

Wait for the tanner to dry completely before dressing. Depending on the brand of tanner you choose, the wait time could be a few moments up to 20 minutes.

Observe the tan as it begins to darken. If you notice areas that may be splotchy or thin, apply a small amount to those areas immediately. Wait 12 hours before showering and avoid exfoliating for up to three days.