Tanning Bed Positions to Tan Sides & Underarms

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Besides traditional sun, a deep golden tan can be acquired using tanning beds that emulate the sun's natural UVA and UVB rays. Those who choose this method of UV ray acquisition often find themselves being left with white underarms and sides. To avoid such issues, lie in specific positions while tanning, to allow maximum exposure and penetration of rays to all areas of the skin. No matter the position, for best results, exfoliation and and tanning lotion application should be practiced.

Spreading Arms

Lie in the tanning bed on your back, arms spread out from your sides and legs slightly apart from each other. Doing so allows the tanning bed's UVA and UVB rays to disperse to your sides, underarms as well as inner thigh area.

Extended Arms

Lay in the tanning bed on your back with your arms positioned above your head. Doing so ensures the rays are dispersed to all areas of your body, including the armpit and side regions. Practice this position at least half of your total tanning time to dramatically decrease the whiteness of the side and underarm region.

Stomach Tanning

While laying in the tanning bed on your stomach, place your hands on the back of your head. This position completely exposes your armpits and sides to the tanning bed rays.

Stand Up Booth

By tanning in a stand up tanning booth, individuals can achieve an all-over body tan without having to roll over, change sides or positions to avoid white areas. Because the entire surface of the tanning capsule is evenly covered with bulbs, every body part gets an even tan at the same time, including sides and underarms. Standing with your arms and legs slightly apart assists in achieving an even tan. Handles that offer arm support can also be grasped, extending arms above the head to totally expose the white areas of the underarms and sides to the UVA and UVB rays.