How to Get Rid of Blemishes on Your Legs

Woman's legs in high heels

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Most commonly associated with the face, acne can also affect skin throughout your body -- including your legs. Acne ranges from mild to severe -- with blackheads and whiteheads being the least severe form and cysts or nodules being the worst type of acne to deal with. While acne breakouts on the face can vary, spots on your legs are often the result of surface irritation and bacteria. Maintain skin health and keep your legs warm weather ready by following a consistent skin care routine.

Sit in a warm bathtub. Allow your legs to soak for ten minutes. Wash your skin with a benzoyl peroxide based body cleanser -- benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria on skin's surface and will help to eliminate future breakouts.

Shave your legs with a fresh razor. Replace your razors often -- using disposable razors for too long leads to a buildup of bacteria on the blades. If you nick your legs while shaving, this bacteria gets into skin and can cause acne breakouts. Rinse your legs and get out of the tub. Blot any cuts with tissue to stop bleeding.

Apply a gentle skin lotion with salicylic acid to blemishes. Salicylic acid cleans out pores and can help kill existing blemishes on the legs while preventing new ones from developing.

Apply sunscreen to your legs. After sunscreen has soaked in, treat any visible blemish spots with a dab of concealer. Blend in concealer by applying pressed powder foundation around the area.