How to Use a Tanning Bed and My Arms Won't Tan

A golden tan can warm up just about any skin tone. If you desire to add some color to your skin, consider using a tanning bed to achieve that desired tan. The UV rays are concentrated and therefore you do not need to spend as much time in the tanning bed as you would tanning in the sun. If you tan in a tanning bed and your arms will not tan, there are a few ways to help them get tan.

Exfoliate the skin on your arms the night before you go tanning. Removing the dead skin on your arms allows you to tan better and keep a tan longer. Use a body scrub and washcloth to scrub your arms while in the shower. Rub the washcloth gently on the skin in circles and rinse with warm water.

Apply tanning bed accelerator lotion to your arms right before tanning in a tanning bed. The lotion will help your arms get a better tan. Rub it on evenly before getting into the tanning bed. Use it every time that you go tanning.

Spread your arms out while tanning in the bed. If they are close to your sides, they will not tan as well or as evenly. Change the position of the arms slightly during each tanning session.

Apply rich body lotion every day to your arms. Do so once per day at a minimum. Using the body lotion twice per day is optimal. Keeping your arms moisturized helps skin to tan more quickly. Use body lotion with ingredients that include shea butter and aloe vera.