How to Look Good in a Speedo

couple in bathing suits image by Pix by Marti from

The Speedo bathing suit has incited controversy for quite some time and men never seem to know whether the mini-brief is an acceptable swimming garment. As of 2010, Speedos are making a comeback and many men are letting go of their fear of exposure. If you want to look good in a Speedo, it certainly helps to be in great shape. You can, however, do several things to get yourself looking and feeling better in a skimpy bathing suit, even if you don't have an Olympic swimmer's body.

Get in shape and start working out to feel good about your beach body in a Speedo. Even if you do not get six-pack abs right away, the fact that you are exercising and taking care of yourself will help you feel more confident about your body. Start a workout program a few months before you intend to wear your Speedo, and stick to it.

Take care of your skin for an all-over glow. If you are wearing a Speedo, your skin will be the second thing people notice after your body. Use an exfoliator to slough off any dead skin and pay special attention to rough areas like feet and elbows. This may feel like primping, but healthy, radiant skin will definitely make you look better in a Speedo.

Pay attention to excess body hair and groom without going overboard. Nobody is saying you need to wax your chest to a shiny sheen, but you may want to see a professional if you have a small area rug growing on your back. Speedos will leave you fully exposed and more vulnerable to the eyes of your fellow beachgoers, and proper grooming gives you an overall polished and clean look.

Use a self-tanner to give yourself some color, especially if you have white thighs from wearing long swimming trunks. You can either apply a self-tanner at home or get a spray tan from a salon to give yourself some all-over color and a healthy glow. All of your skin will be exposed in a Speedo and having a tan can make you look slimmer and more muscular. You can also get body contouring from many salons that do airbrush tanning. Body contouring uses a combination of dark and light shades to emphasize your muscles.

Be confident. Just as many men are attracted to confident women, this works in reverse, and many women are attracted to a confident man who is secure in himself and comfortable with his flaws or imperfections. Being confident in your Speedo counts almost as much as working out and taking care of your body.